Each year AE is engaged in multiple small and large-scale evangelistic events across the continent. These missions range from two week large-scale events in capital cities to 2-3 day missions in rural areas. Each mission has three key elements:

Equipping and enabling - AE is an itinerant ministry but we are not a 'hit and run' ministry. We will work with the churches in a city for a period of up to 3 years. In that time our goal is to mobilise, train, model and equip the church to reach their own contexts with the gospel.

Partnership - Like no other ministry in Africa we are committed to seeing the whole church working together to promote the gospel. We seek to unite both churches and other Christian agencies in outreach. This process is as important as the evangelism itself.

Evangelism - We not only train and equip for evangelism, we do it! Our aim in any mission is to reach every strata of society with the gospel. In our major missions we will have up to 100 meetings a day in factories, businesses, schools, parliament, marketplaces, prisons and hospitals. We don't expect people to come to us, we take the gospel to where people are. New converts are then channelled into the churches for follow up and discipleship.

Final report from Monrovia

AE's evangelistic mission to Monrovia, Liberia, concluded, with stories and information from the front lines. As of now, we can report the following:

  • Total Enquirers / Commitments: decision cards are still being returned to the mission office, but we can only roughly estimate that approximately 4,000 response cards were completed, with about 2,200 people making first-time commitments to Christ. We are still interviewing people who made decisions, but we know that a number of Muslims made genuine commitments to Christ, as well as Satanists and those involved in witchcraft. A number of the mission vehicle drivers also made commitments.
  • Total AE Personnel/Evangelists involved in Mission: 3 – Pan African Organising team; 15 – AE Evangelists from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, DRC, Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa, including the ITL Stephen Lungu; 15 – 3 teams of 5 “Foxfire” young people from South Africa and Kenya; 4 – short-term missionaries from Australia; 300 – local evangelists; 350 – local counsellors
  • Number of Meetings held: 155 formally programmed meetings were held, in addition to spontaneous walk-up evangelism, and other unscheduled meetings conducted by local evangelists. Most of the meetings were structured around an evangelistic talk, testimonies and Foxfire performances, and in some cases children’s evangelistic talks. Local performers, musicians, and pastors were integral to the fruitfulness of these meetings.
  • Over the past four weeks, AE evangelists preached 46 times in over 35 local churches. The number of meetings possible during the day was limited by the inadequate infrastructure which is still being repaired after the war, and night meetings were not possible due to security concerns.
  • Meetings were held in schools, hospitals, orphanages, bus stations, the Petrol Refinery, the University of Liberia, the City Prison, office buildings, government offices, women’s groups, with a primary focus on preaching in local open air markets and street junctions where many local people gather during the day (due to the very high rate of unemployment in Monrovia)
  • Major Meetings: the Opening and Closing Rallies were attended by the Vice President of Liberia, Government Ministers, representatives of NGOs such as Tearfund and Samaritan’s Purse, Representatives of Church Umbrella Organisations such as the Association of Evangelicals Liberia, the Council of Churches in Liberia, and the Full Gospel churches, in addition to hundreds of local Monrovians.
Spiritual warfare conference in Monrovia
Pan African Mission in Liberia

Our next Pan-African mission is scheduled for 16th to 22nd November 2009. Listen to the interview with Dr benjamin Lartey, General Secretary of the Liberian Council of Churches.

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