Leadership Development

Today much of the African continent is still experiencing war, oppression, corruption and tribalism. In a number of cases these issues can be traced to leaders who lack integrity and a concern for their people.

Yet Africa also boasts some of the greatest Christian leaders of recent times. Africa needs more of these godly men and women who can help chart a new, God given, course into the future for their people. If this is to become a reality training and development programs are necessary. AE's response to this desperate need has been consoolidated under the banner of the Michael Cassidy led


The African Enterprise Leadership Training Centre (AELTC) was formally launched in 2007 to equip church and marketplace leaders to transform Africa. The goal of the centre, through collaboration with top learning institutions throughout Africa and the world is to provide high quality, low cost training to Africa's established and emerging leaders.

The training programs cover a wide range of disciplines including; leadership, management, accountability, community development, theology, reconciliation, urban mission, evangelism, youth ministry and discipleship.

Find out more at the Leadership Training Centre website - www.leadership.aeinternational.org

AE Learning Centre
Meeting with Government Administrators

Stephen Lungu had an opportunity of sharing with the government Administrators in Bujumbura, Burundi. He shared from Deuteronomy 6:4-6 on the topic, “For God and Country.” He discussed the issue of corruption in government offices and how the administrators can help in the development of the Nation of Burundi. People were touch and asked if they could have another meeting to hear more.

The hunger for the word here in Burundi keeps growing. The people here are reminding me of the Christians in Berea who would always refer to the scripture on everything that they were taught. That is exactly what is happening here. People have got a lot of questions, with the aim to know more things and are not in a hurry when it comes to hear the word of God.

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